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Here at DEVON, we proudly carry the best quality equipment and brands for the automotive industry. Because of the complexity and large-scale of some of these items, it can take a team to install. When it comes to installation, maintenance, and service of equipment, we partner up with 1Source Lifts & Equipment.

Types of projects that 1Source specializes in:

Vehicle Lifts (2-Post, 4-Post, In-Ground)

Among some of the most popular projects with 1Source involve vehicle lifts of all kinds. When it comes to installing or servicing a vehicle lift, this individual should be certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI). This means that the technician has undergone training and is certified by ALI. For more information regarding ALI, check out our blog post talking all about them.

Some vehicle lifts are bolted directly to the floor of the shop, like the Forward I-10 and other 2-post and 4-post lifts. Whereas in-ground lifts, like our Blazer 9000, require the floor to be cut for the blazer to be flush-mounted.

Wheel Service Equipment

the Tire change inside the workshop

Wheel service equipment, such as wheel alignment systems and tire balancers, are essential for many auto body shops and car dealerships alike. While you may not need assistance installing this in your shop, the team of over 25+ at 1Source can train your staff on using equipment and maintenance, if needed.

For a complete list of wheel service equipment we carry at DEVON, please take a look at our website.

Air Compressors & Machines

Many installation jobs and “turnkeys” involve installing an air compressor, among other auto machines. Turnkey refers to a project that is sold as a complete package to a customer. If an air compressor is installed incorrectly, this can spell out issues for you in the long run.

Some issues that can arise by installing an air compressor incorrectly:

  • Air Leaks from the Hood & Oil Fill Tune
  • Blown Fuses and Breakers
  • Oil in Air Lines

The team at 1Source is extremely familiar with installing air compressors, as they complete install projects all over the country.

“It’s easy to spot an air compressor that was installed incorrectly,” says General Manager of 1Source, Vince Eichorn. “Having an out-of-commission air compressor can set your shop back. We recommend installing it correctly the first time” says Vince.

Lube Pit Catwalk Systems

Having a safe catwalk system is necessary for any quick lube location, which is why we have been designing and installing catwalk systems since 1988. The Engineering Team at DEVON works regularly with architects and general contractors to ensure our catwalks fit like a glove in your new facility!

In addition to these catwalks, DEVON manufactures tool boards and other accessories that mount directly to the catwalk. This saves time while in the lube pit and dramatically increases safety throughout the pit.

Too Long; Summarize for Me!

When it comes to installing your fancy new equipment from DEVON, we partner up with 1Source Lifts & Equipment, which has teams completing projects throughout the country. If you are not comfortable with installing heavy machinery, contact the pros at 1Source today!

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