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Pit Bull Safety Cover® Cable

Pit Bull Safety Cover® Cable System – Light Duty Only

  • Made to catch light loads in small pit openings
  • Made to prevent and minimize injury from incidents occurring in small floor openings, service, and maintenance pits
  • The Pit Bull Safety Cover® Cable design is a direct replacement for any existing cable system
  • Using your current cable setup allows you to only replace the service pit net, NOT the entire system
  • Reduces the severity of injuries and cushions impact when service pit cover is in a secured or closed position
  • Custom Fall Protection System for automotive repair and maintenance service centers: such as tire repair shops, lubrication sites, maintenance facilities, railroad, theme park, and fleet service facilities

Product Features:

  • Capable to fit existing cable system
  • Capable to Split System – allows you to open the pit from the middle
  • Drain pan compatible
  • 2-inch Polyester and Kevlar compatible
  • Variety of 23 color options
  • Exceeds all OSHA/CFR safety standards
  • Add-on VIPER OVERLAY available
  • Easy step-by-step installation instructions and videos
  • Lifespan 10-15 years
  • 1-Year Product Warranty
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Installation Warranty


  • Made to exact measurements to prevent sagging (no adjust-ability)
  • Pits CANNOT exceed 45″ in width and 2-‘ in length
  • Cable Stays (pad eyes) are recommended every 10-15 feet.  This ensures your safety cover will react properly if or when an accident occurs.
  • For New Systems: Measure pit-wall to pit-wall
  • For Existing: Measure cable to cable (Safety Cover replacement only)

Weight Capacity:

  • Light-Duty Only
  • Tensile strength up to 6,000 lbs


  • Parts: 5/16″ aircraft cable, 5/16″ steel carabiners, cable clamps
  • Hardware Bag: ‘No Step’ labels, pins & backings bag, thimbles, turnbuckle, pad eyes, and optional welded A/P rod