You Won’t Believe What Product Can Save Lives at the Quick Lube.

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When we think of going to get our oil changed, the Final Destination movies don’t immediately come to mind. Which is fair, because the only pain most people experience is not being able to drive your car for roughly 15 minutes. However, in some rare circumstances, customers have unfortunately fallen through the pit. In today’s article we are going to discuss what the “pit” is and how we can prevent injuries at the quick lube.

What Not to Do at the Quick Lube

It is important to recognize the number one rule while getting your car serviced at a quick lube.

Customers are not permitted in the employee work zone.

Telling the quick lube technician how to open the trunk of your quirky car may seem like an extremely urgent matter at the time, but it’s never a good idea to go inside this area. Many injuries occurred when a customer went into the employee work zone to notify them about something relating to their car.

I know it seems like your 2004 Honda Accord is the only car in the world where the trunk only opens with a screwdriver, but your average quick lube technician has seen worse, and he’s a pro at opening those doors too. Crack open an old copy of Auto Trader in the waiting lobby and sip on some coffee and try to relax as your car is being worked on.

What is a Lube Pit?

A lube pit is located underneath the vehicle where the quick lube technician will change your oil. This area contains big tanks that carry lubrications and other liquids such as window cleaning fluid. In the picture above you can see that the technician is wearing a helmet and protective eyewear to prevent injuries in the pit.

As you can see, this is a dangerous environment for someone who is not wearing proper safety attire and unfamiliar with the workspace. There are multiple opportunities to injure yourself at every corner, which is why customers are never allowed in this area. Now we have a better idea of why it’s so important to stay in your vehicle or in the designated waiting area while your oil is being changed.

How We Can Make Quick Lube Pit’s Safer!

n the clip above you can see that driving into the lube pit is also a hazardous possibility at the quick lube. This could have been prevented if the quick lube had the DEVON EZ-Glide Open Pit Safety Covers. Although it may not support the weight of a vehicle, it can absolutely prevent a person from falling into the pit of a quick lube.

At DEVON, we designed and manufacture the EZ-Glide covers in America to give our customers the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to safety. Made from strong steel and high performance nylon, the EZ-Glide is built for long-lasting performance for years to come.

With the use of our EZ-Glide system, the lube technician can safely glide the panels to create an opening for the car. The other panels create a blockade preventing anyone from unfortunately falling into the pit. It easily meets the safety standards for floor opening protection and is custom built for each pit opening.

So there you have it! The quick lube can be a dangerous place, but thanks to innovative equipment, such as the EZ-Glide, they are safer than ever before. We hope you stay out of the employee work zone on your next visit….which reminds me, aren’t you due for an oil change soon? 

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