The Importance of ALI in the Auto Lift Industry

What is ALI

f you’ve come across this article, you’re most likely in the market for a vehicle lift. Whether it’s a 2-Post or 4-Post lift, one of the most important parts of any lift is a sticker.

Wait, what?!

The ALI Certification sticker is mandatory for every commercial/industry-grade vehicle lift that remains in service and routinely inspected by a qualified ALI Lift Inspector. ALI stands for The Automotive Lift Institute, which recently celebrated 75 years as the lift industry’s safety watchdog in 2020.

The ALI was established in 1945 by 9 U.S. car lift manufacturers who came together for a common good: to promote the safe design, construction, installation, inspection, and use of automotive lifts. This was during a time after World War II when high-grade steel, needed for pistons and cylinders, was in short supply. Some manufacturers were using recycled and unsafe materials, which was extremely unsafe for the American people.

ALI is credentialed by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and recognized by the International Accreditation Forum as an Accredited Standards Developer and Product Certification Organization.

An ALI Certified Lift must be inspected at least once annually, to ensure the safety and proper working-status of the lift. Just because you bought an ALI Lift ten years ago, unfortunately, doesn’t mean it will be up to ALI the entire time. This is why inspecting the lifts is incredibly important!

If a shop has an ALI-certified lift and it cannot pass inspection, the ALI Member will review all shortcomings with the lift owner before returning to inspect.

DEVON carries a wide range of 2-Post, 4-Post, and Lube Pit Straddle Lifts that are ALI Certified. We partner with 1 Source Lifts & Equipment when it comes to offering ALI inspections, installation, and maintenance. They are ALI Certified and travel the country performing ALI services.

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