PSX3000 — Power steering fluid exchanger

NORCO — Power steering fluid exchanger with 7 quart reservoir for new fluid, and 20 quart reservoir for used fluid. Includes remote control pendant. FEATURES Replaces up to 95% of the old power steering fluid in less than 8 minutes. Fingertip control pendant allows faster operation. Roto-cast polyethylene body & tanks prevent vehicle damage. No bay required. Unlike continuous flow models, YOU control the fluid volume, reducing the amount of wasted material. Runs on 12V DC power from the vehicle’s battery. New and waste fluid reservoirs. Clear hoses for visual confirmation of new and waste fluid movement. New and waste fluid on/off switches. Dual pumps and service hoses drain and refill power steering system through the system’s reservoir. Fully portable—can perform service anywhere. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 39”H x 17”W x 25”D Weight: 82 lbs. New Fluid Reservoir: 5 quarts Waste Fluid Reservoir: 20 quarts Power: 12V DC from vehicle