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iDEAL, Cross Flow & Side Down Draft – 25″ Exhaust Duct Kit – 8 FT

  • Provides duct work to properly exhaust PSB-PMR1088 Model
  • 20-gauge galvanized hammer seamed ‘plain pipe’ ducting
  • One duct end corrugated for easy assembly
  • (1) fan connecting ring
  • (1) 36″H x 13″ diameter solid duct w/ 32″H x 17″W clean-out door
  • (1) 36″H x 13″ diameter solid ‘center’ duct
  • (1) 24″H x 13″ diameter auto roof ventilator (ARV) protects from rain and snow
  • Self-tapping screw assembly
  • Extend duct kit height w/ additional ‘center’ duct section