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Heavy Duty Mobile Column Vehicle Lift

The iDeal MSC-18K-X is available in sets of two, four and six columns to provide up to 108,000lbs. of lifting capacity. The MSC-18K-X is designed to lift fire trucks, school buses and other large commercial vehicles by the wheels. Optional accessories provide the flexibility to lift pickup trucks and wheels free lifting for expanded service. Technicians realize improved productivity through safe, simple operation of the lift at each column using the well-designed control panel. The mobile design and quick set up of the MSC-18K-X allows technicians to easily transform a flat bay to a lift bay for improved use of shop space. The small foot print of the MSC-18K-X allows for storage without impacting valuable shop space.

LIFT MODELMSC-18K-X-236MSC-18K-X-472MSC-18K-X-6108
Column Configuration2 Column4 Column6 Column
Capacity36,000 lbs72,000 lbs108,000 lbs
AC Power (Input per Column)100-140VAC – 60 Hz – 1 PH100-140VAC – 60 Hz – 1 PH100-140VAC – 60 Hz – 1 PH
DC Power (Output per Column)24VDC24VDC24VDC
Lifting Height67.1″67.1″67.1″
Column Heights (Min/Max)88.6″ – 155.5″88.6″ – 155.5″88.6″ – 155.5″
Overall Width44.1″44.1″44.1″
Fork Adjustable Range12.6″ – 22″12.6″ – 22″12.6″ – 22″
Fork Length17.9″17.9″17.9″
Fork to Column Clearance10″10″10″
Rise Time100 Seconds100 Seconds100 Seconds
Descent Time60 Seconds60 Seconds60 Seconds
Max Distance Between Columns32′ 8″32′ 8″32′ 8″
Min Concrete Surface Strength3000 PSI3000 PSI3000 PSI
Noise Level70 dB(A)70 dB(A)70 dB(A)
Setup / OperationIndoorsIndoorsIndoors
Battery Type (Not Included)12VDC Sealed Deep Cycle Battery (BCI Group 31, AH-105)12VDC Sealed Deep Cycle Battery (BCI Group 31, AH-105)12VDC Sealed Deep Cycle Battery (BCI Group 31, AH-105)
Ship Weight1,584 lbs per Column1,584 lbs per Column1,584 lbs per Column
  • ALI Certified
  • Up to 108,000 lbs capacity
  • 24VDC battery operation with onboard charging system
  • Communication cable with retractable cable reels
  • U-shape wiring configuration for quick entry and exit
  • Convenient operation from any column
  • Independent mechanical locking system
  • Optical encoder for continuous column synchronization
  • Portability for out of the way storage using pallet jack style base
  • Easy to move adjustable forks
  • Emergency shutoff switch on each column
  • Master control panel for individual or paired synchronized operation
  • Simple operation via LCD screen and keypad
  • LED light with magnetic base (1 per two columns)
  • Available in two, four or six column configurations
  • Optional ALI certified accessories for expanded service operations