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iDEAL, 3D HD Truck Multi-Axle Image Wheel Aligner System

The iDEAL 3D HD ‘Multi-Axle’ Imaging Wheel Alignment System (IWA-60-8500-HD-K) is one of the most economical & advanced heavy duty 3D multi-axle imaging alignment systems on the market today. The iDEAL 3D HD Imaging Wheel Aligner provides multi-axle wheel alignments for trucks, semi-trailers, and buses quickly & accurately without the need for vehicle lifting! Four high definition industrial cameras enable readings on up to four axles simultaneously, plus the ability to align vehicles with even more axles. Wide Scope technology allows the system to read over an extensive range of lengths and wheelbases providing .01 degrees of accuracy, along with real-time measurements for improved productivity. Modern lightweight targets are quick & easy to mount on many styles of tire rims. Alignment software also includes specialized data for trucks, with shim assistance, when setting rear axle thrust. User-friendly features provide precise & easy-to-understand instructions with high-quality LCD screen graphics, illustration diagrams & integrated help system, just to list a few. The iDEAL 3D HD Image Wheel Aligner is fully supported in the United States!

  • Multi-axle floor alignment system – no vehicle lift required!
  • Designed to measure long vehicles & vehicles with trailers
  • High resolution / extended range 3d cameras
  • Integrated quick reference vehicle database for both commercial & passenger vehicles
  • Includes HD turntable & drive-on ramp sets
  • Dynamic LED guide changes shape to guide technician
  • Drive over plates for drive-thru configuration
  • Cabinet to side for ‘drive-thru’ or centered for ‘dead-end’ setup
  • 8 ea compact targets measures up to four axles at once
  • 8 ea adjustable wheel clamps fits most standard rim sizes
  • Convenient storage stand for wheel clamps
  • 2 ea towers with max view range of 50 ft
  • Recalls / prints current & past info for customized reports
  • High quality European design & manufacturing
  • Optional yearly vehicle spec updates
  • Wireless remote control
  • Live reading screens for front & rear axle readings
  • Illustration diagrams & integrated system
  • Customer database
  • Steering wheel holder, brake depressor, and wheel chocks included
  • Computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, color printer also included