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High Definition 3D Image Wheel Aligner System

The iDEAL 3D Imaging Wheel Alignment System (IWA-60-1500-K) is one of the most advanced & economical 3D imaging alignment systems on the market today. The iDEAL 3D Image Wheel Aligner is portable with high definition, adjustable height industrial cameras, and aligner software technology providing .01 degrees of accuracy, along with real-time measurements for improved productivity. User-friendly features provide precise & easy-to-understand instructions with high-quality LCD screen graphics, illustration diagrams & integrated help system, just to list a few. The iDEAL 3D Image Wheel Aligner is also fully supported in the United States!

  • High resolution 3D cameras
  • Semi-automatic adjustable height camera boom
  • Alignment software – includes data (updates available)
  • Compact style mini-targets
  • Wheel clamps
  • Steering wheel holder
  • Brake depressor
  • Wheel chocks
  • Mobile, multi-bay capable
  • German engineered alignment software
  • Front, rear, all zoom readings
  • Graph & meter screens
  • Pre-installed 25+ spec years comprehensive database
  • Illustration diagrams & integrated help system
  • Advanced / editable customer database
  • Multi-functional LEDs guide setup/runout
  • Vehicle inspection / worksheet screen
  • Works with multiple style alignments lifts
  • Computer, keyboard, mouse & color printer included