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The FR-EWINCH electric winch is a heavy duty 3,500 lb 12V DC winch, designed to assist loading damaged vehicles onto frame racks. The FR-EWINCH comes standard with base ‘anchor’ bracket to easily mount to frame racks, along with a 10 ft. hand-held remote control switch and 30 ft of cable length. The FR-EWINCH is the perfect accessory addition for the FR-77 18-foot tilt deck, frame rack as well as for other similar type frame racks.

Max Pulling Capacity3,500 lbs
Max Rolling Capacity10,000 lbs
Cable Length30′
Hook Size3/4″ Opening x 4″L
Remote Switch Cord Length10′
Power Cord Length10′
Power Supply12V DC
Ship Weight25 lbs
Package Size14″L x 11″W x 11″H
  • 3,500 lbs pulling capacity
  • 12V direct current
  • Heavy-duty, marine grade durable construction
  • Handheld remote control switch
  • Base ‘anchor’ bracket
  • Hand crank