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20-Foot Tilt Deck Tubular Frame Rack Machine

The FR-77T tilt deck / tubular platform frame racks are high quality, economical, durable frame straightening machines designed to accommodate full-frame or uni-body type vehicles with 7,700 lb lifting capacity. The twin 10-ton towers incorporate ‘clear floor’ 360-degree pulling capability with multiple, tie-down hole locations and universal anchoring system with adjust height and clamping assemblies. The FR-77T also comes standard with pull chains and hooks, overhead boom/pull tower extensions, universal wheel stands, and vehicle dollies.

  • Durable, heavy-duty steel deck construction
  • Tilt deck operation with 7,700 lbs capacity with drive on ramps
  • Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinch weld assemblies
  • Two 10-ton pulling towers with telescoping heads
  • Adjustable tower collars
  • Overhead boom pull tower extension
  • Quick disconnect hydraulic fittings
  • Two 10-foot pulling chains with hooks
  • Two high quality air/hydraulic pumps with pressure gauges
  • Universal wheel stand and dead vehicle dolly
  • Powder-coat finish