ASSOCIATED — Charger, 12v, 60a, intellamatic, wheels (ess). The ESS6008 Associated 60/270 Amp 12 Volt Automatic Automotive Battery Charger / Analyzer and Start Assist provides safe effective charging at 12 Volt for Flooded / Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, and Deep-Cycle Batteries, as well as Spiral Cell, Orbital or Optima Batteries. The Electrical Stability System (ESS™) technology turns ESS6008 into a stable power supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes while the battery is removed while maintaining a nominal 13.7V DC Output. The Deep Discharge and Recovery with desulfation mode enables the user to recover dead batteries ultimately saving the cost of the unit over several batteries that would have normally gone to waste. The Dead battery over ride switch brings batteries above the 4 volt minimum for testing and charging eliminating the need to pre-charge before testing. The 270 Amp boost for helps jump start vehicles. Made in the U.S.A. The “Does Everything” wheel charger which has 60 Amp charge rate and 270 Amps of crank assist. Product Features Micro-processor controlled and fully automatic Electrical Stability System (ESS) technology turns the ESS6008 into a stable supply for extended service procedures or re-flashes. Nominal 13.7V DC output Program for deep discharge recovery of flooded batteries Patented diagnostics indicate weak or defective battery Charges all types of 12 volt batteries Designed for AGM, Gel Cell, Sealed, and Standard Flooded batteries including Spiral cell, Orbital, or Optima batteries Reverse polarity protected “Safe In Any Weather” Operation UL Listed MADE IN USA Charger Specifications: Model Number: ESS6008 DC Output: 60A / 70A (Ess Mode) Voltage: 12V Cranking Assist Rating: 270A AC Cord/Voltage: 6′ 16-3 / 120Vac 60 Hz DC Leads: 6.5′ 4 Awg Clamp Rating: 400A Transformer/Rectifier Limited Warranty: 3 Years Shipping Dimensions (HxWxD): 29″X17″X16″ Weight: 49 Lbs