Devon — Premium duty drain for used oil, 1″ cam-lock nipple and dust cap. Premium Drains capture used fluids and transfers them to any bulk storage tank using a cam-lock kit and evacuation system. Features: All steel tank and base design made from heavy-gauge steel, guaranteeing long life, made in the USA. Non-marking rubber wheels and 4″ casters for easy maneuvering on any floor surface. Drainage bowl made from high strength poly to provide collapsible safety feature and to assist in preventing tank failure when object is lowered onto drainage bowl. Tip resistant balanced design. Prevents splattering and include filter to keep debris from entering tank and speed drainage. Powder coated for corrosion resistance with high quality powder coating. Drains are offered in black for used fluid and green for used anti-freeze. American-Made Drain that are evacuated by Diaphram Pumps into any bulk used oil storage tank. Capacity: 23 gallons For: Used Oil Only 1″ CAM-Lock