CC1021234 — Mobile Nitrogen Inflation Cart

Champion — Mobile Nitrogen Inflation Cart Use this nitrogen tire inflation cart to fill 4 tires at the same time. This nitrogen tire fill machine features a built-in particulate filter that entraps solids larger than 1 micron. Built-in coalescing filter .—–Entraps moisture & oil Epoxy powder paint—–Protects unit from corrosion User friendly serviceability—–Reduced maintance cost Auto Shut Off of inlet air—– Energy efficiency Pressure Conversion Kit—-included Specifications NITROGEN OUTPUT 14 CFM AIR INPUT 28 CFM INLET PSIG 160-175 NITROGEN PURITY 95-99 % DEW POINT @ ATMOSPHERE -80 F PARTICULATE FILTER 1 MICRON COALESCING FILTER .01 MICRON TANK GALLON 80 TANK TYPE VERTICAL AMBEINT TEMPERTURE RANGE 40-150 F LENGHT IN 32 WIDTH IN 32 HEIGHT IN 80 WEIGHT LB 416