ACX1180C — Mahle — 460 80390 00 — R134a Air Conditioning Service System – Commercial HD Version

Mahle — ACX1180C — 460 80390 00 — R134a Air Conditioning Service System – Commercial HD Version– FEATURES R134a. Fully recover and recharge in any climatic condition. Vacuum Leak Test. Monitors level after evacuation, informs of possible leak. Automatic Air Purge. Eliminates contaminated air without monitoring gauges or opening valves. Shock-Mounted Load Cells. Ensures stable calibration and charge accuracy. Automatic Oil Drain. Display reminds you to empty the graduated container and shows the amount of oil to replace. Ergonomic. Designed with unobstructed accessibility for easy maintenance. Hybrid Function. Capable of servicing high voltage electric compressor A/C systems. 20′ Cable Temp Probes. Monitor performance of the A/C unit through A/C vents. 50 Lb Internal Tank. Large enough for HD service. Integrated Hose Flushing. Eliminates need for additional or loose adapters. Factory-Installed Heater Belt. Heats cylinder to raise refrigerant pressure enabling you to charge during any climatic condition. On-Board Integrated Thermal Printer. Print to USB (for standard paper) allows user to store “before and after” service information by vehicle and print information for the customer. OPTIONAL FEATURES ECO Lock Quick Couplers. Engineered to prevent gas dispersion into the environment. Database. Reliable and high-quality vehicle database included for latest A/C service information. Integrated Identifier. Refrigerant identifier to avoid costly cross contamination. Sample filter clearly visible for inspection.