9510 — CHARGER, 6/12V 10A AUTOMATIC 230V 50/60HZ (International)

Associated — CHARGER, 6/12V 10A AUTOMATIC 230V 50/60HZ (International) Description The 9510 Associated Automotive Battery Charger 6/12V 10A Automatic 230V 50/60Hz (Int). 10 amp Automatic Charger! Connect the terminals to your small or large battery and let it do the work. This charging system can perform the function of a battery charger, trickle charger, and a battery tender (can be left connected to battery to maintain charge) “DEEP DISCHARGE RECOVERY” and best of all it’s Made in America. Whether you are dealing with a motorcycle or a large truck battery, the 9410 won’t overcharge, because of its automatic float system. Three LED lights on front panel will tell you the state of charge. This portable and versatile charger will charge all 12 volt batteries. Features Microprocessor controlled and fully automatic Analyzes battery condition and automatically selects proper charging technique Voltage controlled charging Suitable for flooded or sealed batteries including Gel and AGM Utilizes three color LEDs to monitor charging status Program for deep discharge recovery of flooded batteries Capable of charging both small and large batteries Switch for selecting battery type Maintains battery charge and can be left connected to battery UL and cUL listed for indoor use Made in USA Voltage: 12 Volt UL continuous rating: 10 amps UL Cranking assist rating: N/A AC cord: 6 ft 18/3 DC leads: 6 ft 16 AWG Clamp rating: 50 amps Dimensions: (HxLxW) 10″x9″x9″ Weight: 11 lbs Transformer / Rectifier Limited warranty: 1 year