72225 — 50/25 Ton Air/Hydraulic Floor Jack

NORCO — 50/25 Ton Air/Hydraulic Floor Jack FEATURES: 61.75″ Long “T” handle helps in positioning jack under vehicles with low overhang. Handle locking lever secures handle in either vertical, horizontal or 45 degree position. Overload systems prevent cylinder damage and prevent the jack from being used beyond the ASME/PASE load-limiting standard. Rust inhibitive coating on rams offers longer life. Integrated filter protects air motor. Double acting pump raises ram more quickly to the load. Suspension loaded axle prevents wheel damage. Vacuum operated ram retraction eliminates manual lowering of jack. Safety button at the top of the handle can be pushed in to immediately stop the jack operation in case of emergency. Includes a removable 2-3/4” diameter saddle, 2-9/16” and 5-7/8” long extensions with extension holder. DIMENSIONS: Low Lift Height 8.75″ High Lift Height 16.5″ Length 39.25″ Width 8.625″ Piston Stroke 7.875″ P.S.I. Range 120-175 Shipping Weight 235 lbs.