1130-021 — Balcrank — PANTHER 5:1 W/ UNIV BUNG ADAPTER

1130-021 — The 5:1 ratio Panther® pump is suitable for simultaneous fluid distribution of up to two dispense points at a distance of up to 700 feet. The Panther’s air motor features a precision air reversing valve mechanism with dual valve ports for improved high speed breathing. It also contains a positive trip detent spool mechanism that eliminates stalling (blowing air) by preventing the pump from being caught between strokes. It has a simple yet durable construction with all internal parts lubricated at the factory using a life-tested synthetic grease (Balcrank P/N 826733). This grease coats all internal parts and repels air line moisture to inhibit corrosion. The Panther® pumping assembly features a stainless pump rod for superior wear and corrosion resistance. The pump’s exterior is constructed from aircraft grade extruded aluminum for an outstanding strength to weight ratio. The pump also has high quality seals and is designed for overall reliability and ease of service. Maximum simultaneous dispense points @ 1.5 gal/m (5.7 l/m) per dispense point. Note: pumping distance and pipe diameter will effect dispensing performance. Model#: 1130-021 – Carbon Steel Stub with Bung Adapter Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Industrial plants, Mining, Mobile Lube, Quick Lubes, Tire Center, Transmission Centers Fluid Types: Auto Transmission Fluid, Oil Features: Pressure relief on Pride Series models – built-in safety feature reduces premature wear of hoses and seals. Mechanical air valve – more reliable, no stalling and no icing. Designed for lower air consumption – extends compressor life. Built-in muffler – results in quiet operation and eliminates icing. Stainless steel pump rod – reduces corrosion and extends seal life. Double acting pump – delivers consistent fluid flow with greater dispensing accuracy.