Product Review: Blazer 9000

blazer 9000

What Makes the Blazer 9000 Lube Lift One of Our Best Sellers?

The  Blazer 9000 is certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and allows for a wider range of vehicles to be serviced! The lift height ranges from 23” to 35”, which makes it easy for efficient service of taller trucks and 4×4’s.

The Blazer 9000 is perfect for quick lube locations! The design is meant to “straddle” a lube bay, giving the ability to perform tire rotation service and brake repair while over the pit. This means maximizing value to your customers and saving them time!

Automotive Lift Institute approved the Blazer 9000 lift capacity even while using support arms (pad height extensions for arms provided). The Flush-Mount model provides a seamless drive-over option, just be sure to have 4” recessed floors in order to install.

The Blazer 9000 includes an automatic 12-position safety lock system with air-release, to deliver safe remote lift control. The Blazer 9000 includes a heavy duty 1.5 HP Power Unit that delivers substantial lifting for popular trucks and SUV’s.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: BL-Blazer 9000
  • Surface Mount Collapsed Height: 4” (Flush Mount Available)
  • Rise Height to Top of Pad with All Extensions in the Arms: 34-1/2”
  • Rise Height (Runways Only): 23”
  • Platform Surface Width: 24”
  • Platform Surface Length: 70”
  • Max Width Between Runways: 38”
  • Max Overall Width: 91”
  • Electrical Requirements:
    Single Phase – 220v/60HZ/25AMP

Whether you or someone you know is looking for a reliable car lift to include in their next project, the Blazer 9000 is a perfect addition to any garage.

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