VOX-14HD -- Mahle -- 420 80004 00 -- OIL EXCHANGER

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VOX-14HD -- 420 80004 00 -- OIL EXCHANGER -- FluidPRO® VOX-14HD Oil Exchange System Part Number: 420 80004 00 FEATURES Fast. Can complete a 40-quart oil change in approximately 15 minutes. Built Solid. All steel construction, our smallest footprint oil change system. Fully Pneumatic. No electric connection needed. Truly Mobile. Can be rolled easily from bay to bay, can be vehicle mounted for off-site oil changes. Clean, No-Mess Operation. Utilizes patented "spill-free" quick disconnect drain fittings for less mess and zero spill - no oil drain pans needed. Less Down Time. More time for your trucks on the road. Sampler Port. Easily capture a good sample every time. Portable. Easily moveable for on-site or off-site use. Easy to Use. Features integrated pistol-grip oil dispenser. Reduce Time & Labor Costs. Simple process, eliminates operator contact with oil, allows technician to perform other tasks while machine is operating. Pre-Lubed Engine. Less wear on engine. Instant Oil Pressure. Upon restart, eliminates bearing burn to improve engine life; engine gets a "Hot Start". Requires only connections to air supply, fresh oil under pressure and waste oil tank.