How DEVON Tool Boards Can Save Your Business Thousands of Dollars This Year

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The phrase, “time is money” is pretty common worldwide, but what are the common phrases in your shop?

“Does anyone know where the ______ is?”

“I just had my ____ just a second ago, I dunno where it is!”

“I need some help finding the _____”

If any of these phrases gives you a slightly uncomfortable feeling, then it would make you feel sick to know how those moments can add up over time.

For instance, if your shop of 10 employees spends 15 minutes looking for tools a day, that amounts to approximately 600 hours every year! With the national hourly rate average being $12, that amounts to $7,200 per year!

For many quick lube businesses, having the right tools is only half the battle when it comes “speedy” service. DEVON Industries saw an opportunity, which is why their Tool Boards were among the first products they released in 1989.

The concept of the Tool Board is simple. We have different toolsets depending on your needs, where every tool has its place. Most tool boards can be configured to be mounted on the ceiling or catwalk.

To assist with minimizing equipment loss and misplacement, the DEVON Tool Board system is what every quick lube technician should have in their shop. Easily locate your oil filter wrenches, sockets, and other hand tools needed on the job.

All tool boards are graphically outlined and labeled so you know where everything goes. Grabbing tools in a hurry is no problem thanks to the protective acrylic coating on the graphic, which prevents scratch marks from tools.

If you have one of our Blazer 9000 Lube Pit Straddle Lifts, then you understand that wheel service is a great supplemental income for your shop. Our Tire Rotation Tool Board saves you and your customer time, while providing you with everything you need to get the job done.

TL;DR – DEVON Tool Boards are super simple to use, yet they will save your business thousands of dollars every year!

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