DEVON Father’s Day Gift Guide

devons fathers day guide

With father’s day being 2 weeks away, don’t forget that DEVON has a great selection of tools that are perfect for everyday use.

Atex Flex Head Work Light

Tired of holding the flashlight for Dad when he’s looking under the hood? Look no further than the Atec Flex Head Work Light. It features a convenient hook and adjustable position, so Dad can see his workspace without your arm falling asleep.

DeWalt Folding Locking Hex Key (SAE)

Every father is bound to have one of these in their toolbox. Hex keys are used for a multitude of projects, and the convenient folding design makes this gift great for portability! Common uses for hex keys include bike repairs, furniture repair, vehicle maintenance, and electronics! It has also been reported that Dad’s often feel a sense of superiority when possessing one of these because they look so cool.

Performance Tool 10″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers (1426)

Since its invention in 1924, locking pliers have become a “must-have” for everyone’s tool kit. Its design may look simple, but it is incredibly useful for a variety of home improvement projects. Including extracting bolts, cutting wire, clamping, and holding! The list goes on, which is why this is a perfect gift for any dad!

DeWalt Tough Box Tool Kit, 70 piece 1/4″ Multi-Bit & Nut Drive R Set

A wise man once said, “You can never have too many drill bits.” Thanks to DeWalt, this all-in-one package includes enough drill bits and nut drive attachments to last your Dad for more than a while. The “Tough Box” design makes it easy to toss into a work bag without worry!

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