D-VC622-13GL -- Devon 13 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum -- New and in Stock

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D-VC622-13GL -- Devon 13 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum -- Quite running which makes it perfect for Quick Lubes or Dealerships. Reusable and Affordable Filters and comes off roller stand for easy mounting on walls or catwalks. 110 Volt, 20KPA, 13.2 Gallons, 72db, 26pds total. 1. High efficient dust shaking function 2.Lock and unlock hose connection 3. On/off blowing function 4. Drainage function 5. Cable storage function 6. Waterproof power switch 7. Big base 8. Low noise 9. Universal wheels 10.Detachable base 11.turnover tank 12. 25ft hose assembly 13. claw adaptor