Drain Pan Accessories

#DK-04  Drain Valve Kit

#DK-04 Drain Valve Kit

#203-BX  Replacement Screen

#203-BX Replacement Screen

#WH-01  Drain Pan Wheel

#WH-01 Drain Pan Wheel

#DG-203  Oil Splash Guard

#DG-203 Oil Splash Guard

#DS-15  Drain Screen

#DS-15 Drain Screen

Drain Valve Kit (#DK-04)

  • Provides Drain Connection From Pan
  • Brass Shut-Off Valve 1.50 NPT
  • Aluminum Male Coupler 1.50 NPT
  • Aluminum Dust Cap 1.50 NPT
  • Black Iron Close Nipple 1.50 NPT
  • Drain Hose & Fittings Not Included

Replacement Metal Screen (#203-BX)

  • All Steel w/Black Enamel Finish
  • Custom Built to Size (Dimensions Required)

Drain Pan Wheel (#WH-01)

  • Ball-Bearing Roller
  • 3” Diameter
  • 3/8” Center Bore
  • 1.25" Width

Oil Splash Guard (#DG203)

  • Diverts Oil from Side Drains to Collection Pan
  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Bottom Pins Keep Pan from Slipping

Oil Drain Screen (#DS-15)

  • Blue Plastic Screen
  • Screw-On Inside Drain Pan
  • Keeps Debris from Clogging Lines & Pumps